Academics and Leadership

The Urban Assembly Academics and Leadership Team builds schools' capacity by strengthening educator and leadership practice in order to impact student outcomes.

Alumni Success

The Urban Assembly Alumni Success team is dedicated to supporting and mobilizing the UA alumni community to maximize our graduates’ postsecondary success as measured by program persistence and credential attainment.

Career Readiness

The Urban Assembly Career Readiness Team builds schools' capacity to design and deliver high-quality career readiness and internship programming, and industry-aligned career pathways that provide students with the skills, experiences, and professional networks necessary to thrive in the 21st century economy.

Operations and Data

The Urban Assembly Operations and Data Team provides schools and Urban Assembly teams with the information and tools necessary to deliver targeted supports for student success and to assess and share the impact of our collective work..

Postsecondary Access

The Urban Assembly Postsecondary Access Team works to provides UA school staff with the knowledge and tools to help all UA students make informed decisions and successfully navigate their postsecondary lives.

Social-Emotional Learning

The Urban Assembly Social-Emotional Learning Team builds schools' capacity to ensure that all staff and students in the UA network receive relevant experiences and purposeful instruction to develop the social emotional competencies that impact students’ success in school, work, and life.

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