The Urban Assembly is a family of schools that are Open To All Students

Urban Assembly schools are public schools that are open to all students.

We accept students wherever they are on their journey to becoming lifelong learners and successful adults. Most of our students enter Urban Assembly schools as youth who are often below grade level in both Math and ELA, and we provide the attention and support needed to unlock their potential.

The Urban Assembly is a family of Small Public Schools

All Urban Assembly schools are small middle or high schools. Because our schools are small, Urban Assembly school leaders and teachers know every student and sustain early, consistent contact with their families.

We embrace the challenges our students face as adolescents. We work to ensure all Urban Assembly students receive the necessary developmental opportunities to address their unique needs and achieve their distinct goals. Our group of 23 schools located across Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx support each other as a family of educators, with help from hundreds of partner organizations. Each of our classrooms and schools is greater than the sum of their parts.

The Urban Assembly is a family of schools that are College & Career Focused

Urban Assembly schools strive to prepare students for postsecondary success by ensuring that they have the knowledge, skills and social-emotional attributes necessary for success in postsecondary education and economically viable career pathways in a 21st century economy. Successful postsecondary planning begins at the earliest grade served at an Urban Assembly school and is infused throughout the school culture to ensure our students will succeed upon graduation.

Our schools are supported through a school support model based on a postsecondary readiness continuum: social-emotional learning, academic rigor, and postsecondary planning and access. The Urban Assembly School Support Teams guide, support and build capacity for our community of educators, which is why the Urban Assembly consistently achieves high school graduation rates and college matriculation rates significantly higher than the average for NYC district secondary schools.

The Urban Assembly is a family of schools that are Committed to Anti-Racism

The Urban Assembly (UA) commits to being an anti-racist organization striving to advance the social and economic mobility of students through public education. We value the uniqueness that each student brings to our schools, and honor the various social and cultural contexts from which they come. We commit ourselves to confronting and dismantling inequities across intersecting identities for students in all of our programs and schools. We recognize that equity is vital to the long-term success of our organization, and that the pursuit of true equity will ensure that we always act in the best interest of our students.

Acknowledging that racism (as defined as the combination of race, prejudice and power*) is pervasive in our education system and harmful to students, the UA is committed to confronting and dismantling racism in all areas of our work and influence. Maintaining our commitment to the safety and development of our students, the UA recognizes that all staff occupy a gatekeeping role in some capacity. As such, the UA will consistently encourage UA staff and partners to interrogate and confront personal bias, both conscious and unconscious.

The UA will take the necessary steps to ensure that staff can grow to become culturally competent and critically conscious in efforts to combat systemic oppression and ensure racial equity. We recognize that this commitment requires action. While acknowledging that UA staff members enter and evolve at different levels on the anti-racism continuum, we assert that this organization will strive to be anti-racist in all of its efforts. And finally, the UA recognizes that an organization is most effective when maintaining and valuing a safe, transparent and honest culture. We commit to upholding a culture that does not shy away from institutional mistakes, but learns and builds from its evolving history.

*As defined by The People’s Institute

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