High School Graduation Rate

High School Graduation Rates Comparison Between The Urban Assembly and NYC Public Schools

In 2016-17, UA schools achieved an 80% high school graduation rate. This is 12% above the city average for limited unscreened schools, and 10% above the city average for African American and Latino students.

Data Source: NYS-NYC-UA Grad Report 2014

High School Graduation Rates for Students with Disabilities

High School Graduation Rates Comparison Between Urban Assembly Students with Disabilities and NYC Students with Disabilities


Urban Assembly Students with Disabilities


NYC Students with Disabilites

Across The Urban Assembly family of schools, 20% of high school students require individualized education plans. The Urban Assembly provides key support and resources to our schools to ensure students with disabilities have equal opportunity to succeed in high school and beyond. The Urban Assembly high school graduation rate for students with disabilities is 20% points higher than the graduation rate for NYC students with disabilities.

Data Source: UA-NYC_IEP_Grad rates-2008-2013 Classes; UA_2010_Grad Cohort Status_4 YR

College Access

Urban Assembly High School Graduates Who Enrolled In College Within One Year of Graduation


Urban Assembly Class of 2008


Urban Assembly Class of 2010


Urban Assembly Class of 2012

In only four years, through our enhanced College Readiness program and school support model, The Urban Assembly has increased the percentage of Urban Assembly graduates who enroll in college within one year of graduation.

Data Source: UA College Enrollment and Persistence_November 2014

Career Access

The Urban Assembly has created seven CTE schools, featuring over 20 career pathways, dozens of related work-based learning experiences, and partnerships with over 30 leading industry employers. Recognized as a leader in Career & Technical Education (CTE), The Urban Assembly is also a convener of CTE professionals and partners.

Today, advances in technology continue to alter the career world in which our students are entering after they graduate high school. In response to this emerging reality, the UA Career Readiness team hosted its first ever UA Career Week in May 2018. The week-long event featured events, workshops, and opportunities for students to explore possibilities for their future lives and careers. With over 100 speakers from various technology related fields, discussions covered topics on financial empowerment, career readiness, and social innovation and more.

Student from The Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology.

Serving the Field

The Urban Assembly is committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with the education community beyond our schools and organization. We have been recognized on a national and local level for leading the way in developing promising practices around student achievement, innovative curriculum development, and college and career access.

UA Staff and Principals with CTE Partners presenting at Mayor deBlasio's 2013 Talking Transitions Event

Success Stories

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