2nd Annual Urban Assembly Social Emotional Learning Symposium


The Urban Assembly Social-Emotional Learning Symposium is our gathering for education leaders across the country who bring important and diverse perspectives around the implementation and sustainability of approaches to social emotional learning and development in K-12 education. This year's theme is "From Implementation to Impact" and is focused on using short cycle assessment to improve the quality of implementation, integration, and sustainability of SEL programming in schools.

Join our Keynote, Kate Clayton from Character Lab, as well as practitioners, policy-makers and administrators from across the city to discuss the science, implementation and sustainability of social-emotional learning programs and supports.

Please see the workshops presentations below!

Session 1

- Using SEL measurement to support student growth, Urban Assembly School for Media Studies/Urban Assembly Unison School

- Using SEL measurement to support student IEP Counseling, Fordham University, Urban Assembly Unison School

- SEL and Restorative Practices in Sync, Los Angeles Public Schools/Partnership for LA Schools

- Making it Work: Addressing implementation challenges to achieve program success UA School for the Performing Arts/UA School for Business for Young Women

- The Right Tools for the Job: Using implementation and sustainability supports to improve program outcomes, Fordham University MSW Students

Session 2

- Examining the Effectiveness of Implementation Support Teams Using a Comprehensive Assessment Tool, Rutgers University

- Using Data to Improve Both School Climate and SEL: Impact Highlights From an Integrated Approach, National School Climate Center

- Integrating Social, Emotional and Academic Instruction for Student Success, New Teacher Center

- Collaborating to Improve: A Participatory Workshop to Drive Change, Student Success Network

- SEL, Equity, Coherence and Innovation: A School Story, Boston Public Schools