The Urban Assembly Program Operations and Data Team collaborates with each UA team to use student data for effective and targeted school support, and monitors students' needs and performance for internal and external reports of progress toward meeting our organization's mission of post secondary success for all students.

The UA Program Operations and Data Team supports UA teams by managing data for reliability and security, reporting on data and supporting its effective use, and providing initial tech support to build team/school capacity when dealing with targeted or new data streams. All UA school support teams collaborate with the Program Operations and Data team to manage student data that informs their support strategies, monitors their student outcomes, and evaluates program services. The team manages all school data so that UA can monitor school effectiveness and the impact of our collaborative support strategies. The Program Operations and Data team also facilitates the implementation of new data systems in order to minimize costs, centralize data entry, and act as a one-stop support desk for trouble shooting problems between schools, staff and partners.

Team Members

  • Amy’s team is responsible for generating the data and systems behind UA’s school support work. This team works closely with UA school support staff so that they have the right data at the right time in order to do the most impactful work with all our schools. The R&E team helps keep the road to UA’s mission paved with measurable progress. Amy is instrumental in making numbers usable and even fun for our staff and schools. She has spent countless hours developing systems to manage data about NYC students and their educational journeys and considering how best to package that information for various audiences. Prior to joining the Urban Assembly in May 2015, Amy worked for over 10 years with the Options Center at Goddard Riverside Community Center, a program providing college access & success counseling to students and professional development to college counselors and advisors. Amy also sat on the advisory board that developed, a resource for New Yorkers with questions about college. She earned a B.A. from Wesleyan University and a Certificate in American Sign Language Interpretation from CUNY LaGuardia Community College