The Urban Assembly Career Readiness Team supports our family of schools to develop and deliver high quality industry-aligned programs that equip students with the academic, employability, and technical skills needed to enter and excel in the career field of their choice. The UA Career Readiness Team’s work includes career pathway design, labor market analysis, curriculum development support, student opportunities and internship program development, partnership development support, and teacher and staff training. Through career-connected coursework, real-world projects, and internships, students learn key employability and career-development knowledge and skills.

The Urban Assembly's labor market trend research and experience building external partnerships with leading organizations has enabled us to create quality Career & Technical Education (CTE) schools and career pathways, providing one of the best, research-backed routes to postsecondary success. We have created unique schools that are the first of their kind in the country, including The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management and The Urban Assembly Maker Academy.

Urban Assembly Career Readiness team members work with schools to establish and maintain strong industry and postsecondary partnerships that provide students with early college and career experiences while in high school. The team supports schools through these key strategies:

  • Provide professional development and support for principals,teachers, partnership coordinators, and staff to “future fit” their school program and courses to prepare students for an ever-changing world
  • Support the development of work-based learning experiences, post-secondary opportunities, and industry-recognized capstone or credential attainment for all students
  • Assist with Advisory Board and partnership development, management and support

The UA’s Career Readiness work consists of three key programmatic approaches:

Partnership Coordinators’ Community & 1 on 1 Coaching: The community of partnership coordinators helps to cultivate collaborations across the UA family of schools, and our schools’ numerous partnerships with businesses and organizations both within and outside the education field. Partnership coordinators recruit mentors for students, identify and manage internship opportunities, fundraise for program needs, and organize events to bring the career theme of each school alive for students and the entire school community.

Career Pathway Design: The UA’s Career Pathway Design programming supports existing Career and Technical Education (CTE) and non-CTE high schools seeking to (re)design engaging and meaningful career pathways that will increase graduation rates, boost student engagement, and increase student outcomes in whatever path they choose. Offering students a career pathway experience while still in high school is one of the best research-backed practices leading to increased outcomes for the school, the student, and the community..

Career Readiness Middle & High School Model: The Urban Assembly’s Career Readiness Model is aprogram for grades 6-12 to develop and implement explicit instruction and experiential learning across 8 major domains, including: business communications, financial literacy, career development, digital literacy, and more.. The goal of the program is to ensure that students graduate high school college, career, and civic ready with a deep awareness of their skills, values, goals, and a plan to achieve personal and professional success. Implementation includes support for curriculum development, capstone / project-based learning design, industry and postsecondary partnership development support, and teacher professional development.

The Urban Assembly's High-Quality Career and Technical Education: Essential Elements to Prepare Students for College and Career publication, DOWNLOAD HERE.

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Deputy Mayor Richard Buery speaking at The Urban Assembly CTE Symposium 2014

Team Members

  • As Deputy Director of Career Readiness at the UA, Rachael provides coaching, training, and program management support to UA schools in order to develop or enhance their Career Pathways and CTE programs. Rachael has spent over a decade in urban education in various capacities, including teaching Pre-AP English, serving as a Grade Level Chair, and envisioning and designing a Freshman Seminar course for her district. She also created a leadership training institute in which she coached promising upperclassmen in interpersonal communication skills, character development, conflict resolution, time management, and public speaking. Prior to joining the UA, Rachael served as a Career Coach at the Flatiron School, where she helped graduates make dramatic career pivots and land their first jobs in the tech industry. Rachael holds a BA in Business Administration and Marketing from Texas A&M University.