College Readiness Team

The Urban Assembly College Readiness Team builds schools' capacity to develop structures and supports that ensure all students' post-secondary access and completion.

Instruction Team

The Urban Assembly Instruction Team builds schools' capacity by strengthening educator and leadership practice in order to improve student outcomes.

Career & Technical Education Team

The Urban Assembly Career & Technical Education Team builds schools' capacity to deliver high-quality, state- and industry-approved programs that provide students with academic and technical skills that prepare them to join and excel in the 21st century economy.

Social-Emotional Learning Team

The Urban Assembly Social-Emotional Learning Team builds schools' capacity to ensure that all staff and students receive relevant training and instruction to develop competencies impacting students' mental health in order to achieve and sustain success in school, work, and life.

Research & Evaluation Team

The Urban Assembly Research & Evaluation Team provides schools and Urban Assembly teams with the information and tools necessary to deliver targeted supports for student achievement.

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