Founded in 2012, The Urban Assembly Unison School's mission is to ensure that all students find purpose in their learning, and develop the abilities and dispositions to be successful in life. We use innovative curriculum architecture called "Learning Cultures" to accomplish this mission. Across all classrooms and content areas, students direct their own learning through coherent small group and whole class share structures. Following this unique set of social practices that nurture emotional well-being and personal agency, while also providing activities and resources necessary, Learning Cultures ensures that each child can rise to his or her potential. Through this progressive and accountable model, the school community allows students to practice the flexible use of competencies that are sure to be required for successful participation in the multiple contexts of a globalized, technological, and unpredictable future. Our school has an extended day in partnership with Citizen Schools.

  • Grade Range: 6-8
  • District: 13
  • Principal: Emily Jarrell

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