Founded in 2007, The Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation's mission is to engage students in a challenging curriculum centered on wildlife conservation and cultivate their life skills, so that every graduate is ready for success in college, has been exposed to the wonders of the natural sciences, and is an independent adult who acts respectfully with regard to his or her community. We are committed to closing the achievement gap for our students in order to prepare them for a rigorous high school curriculum and an Advanced Regents Diploma. Through the development of habits of mind and heart our students make significant academic gains, are ready for college-success, and develop a clear sense of personal purpose to effect positive change in the world.

True college readiness demands our students develop key cognitive and social skills embedded in our Habits of Mind and Heart to enable our students to be active democratic citizens, lifelong learners, and to enjoy successful and fulfilling adult lives.

  • Perspective: Addressing questions from multiple viewpoints and using a variety of ways to solve problems.
  • Evidence: Bringing together relevant information, judging the credibility of sources, and finding out for one’s self.
  • Connection: Looking for patterns and for ways in which things fit together in order to bring together diverse material and form solutions.
  • Convention: Meeting accepted standards in any academic area in order to be understood and to understand others, adhering to appropriate guidelines for the different environments one is in such as school, field studies, and internship sites.
  • Collaboration: Accepting and giving assistance; working well with diverse groups of people.
  • Exploration: Seeking and being open to new experiences and ideas; taking risks and meeting challenges with perseverance.
  • Respect and Integrity: Taking initiative in the service of the common good, doing the right thing even when no one is looking; acting ethically, with honesty and respect for self and others.

  • Grade Range: 6-12
  • District: Pelham Parkway (CD 12)
  • Principal: Latir Primus

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