Founded in 2009, The Urban Assembly School for Green Careers recognizes that overcoming our planet’s environmental challenges is the biggest task facing the world today. We understand that as our economy becomes increasingly more green, many of the future’s most promising careers will focus on solving the challenges of environmental injustice, and in ensuring equitable access to quality living and resources for all citizens. Our students will only be able to activate this mission if they are equipped with collaborative problem-solving and reasoning skills, empathy and awareness of how to interrupt injustice, and the knowledge of green industries and environmental issues. Therefore, we are committed to being a learning community dedicated to modeling our vision by promoting personal and community empowerment, college and career-readiness, and equity and access to and for our students, families and staff.

In order to build a strong, positive learning environment, all members of the UAGC community demonstrate integrity through commitment to:
Active Participation

  • Display enthusiasm for new ideas and seek understanding inside and outside of school
  • Examine ideas critically and ask questions
  • Admit mistakes and incorporate the suggestions of others
  • Contribute to the learning environment by following protocols
  • Fulfill assignment expectations and be punctual and present
  • Be involved in building the school community


  • Practice self-control
  • Communicate passionately without hurtful language
  • Seek nonviolent alternatives to conflict
  • Recognize and consider the larger implications of speech and action


  • Seek and acknowledge varied viewpoints and experiences
  • Include multiple voices in building own perspective
  • Respect other groups and identities by avoiding slurs and prejudices
  • Understand, empathize with and actively empower others


  • Give credit to others for their original words and ideas
  • Promote established rules and routines that benefit the whole community
  • Seek to change unjust treatment of self and others
  • Utilize the fairness committee and mediation to solve problems


  • Create enduring habits of productivity
  • Nurture positive thinking and personal and community growth
  • Practice stewardship with respect for nature, community and the environment
  • Promote conservation through responsible action
  • Foster long-term well-being

  • Grade Range: 9-12
  • District: 3
  • Principal: Maddie Ciliotta-Young

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