School Overview:

The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management is a college and career preparatory program where students solve novel problems with novel solutions to build the skills, knowledge, and networks to be READY for college and career. Specifically, students prepare for wide-ranging careers in Emergency Medicine and Cyber Security so they can pursue careers in the lucrative healthcare and technology fields. By engaging in authentic learning experiences daily in the classroom and in the field, students develop the confidence to pursue their dreams and the character to serve their communities. UASEM is a small school where we know every student's name. Staff, students, and parents work together to tailor each student's education and extracurricular involvement based on his/her needs and passions.

Programmatic Interest Area + Overview:

Medicine & Technology - This program focuses on careers in Emergency Medicine and Cyber Security. Students gain experience and skills that prepare them to become doctors, nurses, EMTs, computer forensic experts, ethical hackers, software developers, game design, and data scientists to name a few. Students have internships in these fields during high school, earn professional certifications, early college credits, and receive preferential hiring from our long list of industry partners.

Academic Opportunities:

  • Emergency Medicine: Students enroll at a local community college where they travel to twice per week to take an Emergency Medical Care course. Students earn college credits, on a college transcript, as well as free EMT certification and a free NYS driver’s license. Upon completion of the program graduates receive preferential hiring offers from the FDNY and/or a hospital partner.
  • Cyber Security: Students take courses designed by a cyber security consulting firm and learn Python, a high powered and versatile programming language to develop their own apps and learn about ethical hacking. Students earn a professional certificate in Cyber Security, have internships in the field, and build a portfolio to show to future tech employers.
  • AP & College Courses: We offer over seven AP courses on campus, including Psychology and Environmental Science, and partner with College Now and several local colleges to offer early college courses. A student who takes advantage of all these opportunities could graduate with more than ten college credits.
  • Crew: Every student is part of a “crew” of no more than ten students where they build community, have one staff “go-to” contact, and receive academic and career advising to ensure each student is exploring their passions and working towards his/her dreams.


  • Clubs and Activities: Art and mural painting, beat making and music production, Black Lives, Matter, Cooking Club, Anime Club, FDNY Explorers, Mentoring, Gay/Straight Alliance, International Trips, PSAT/SAT Prep, Student Government, Summer Travel, Yearbook, College Trips, Extended Day Programs
  • Summer & Paid Internships: all students have the opportunity to intern with one of our many partners including tech start-ups, engineering firms, NYC city agencies, and emergency management organizations
  • PSAL Sports – Boys: Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Indoor Track, Lacrosse, Outdoor Track, Soccer, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling PSAL Sports – Girls: Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Flag Football, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball
  • PSAL Sports – Co-Ed: Stunt School Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Track and Field, Volleyball, and more

  • Grade Range: 9 -12
  • District: 2
  • Principal: Rob Magliario and Taina Torres

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