Founded in 2014, The Urban Assembly School for Collaborative Healthcare's mission is to develop the academic, professional and life skills our graduates need to succeed in any college and career path they choose and to empower students to create healthier communities wherever they go.

Core Values:

  • Collaboration: We toward a common goal through teamwork and shared responsibility as we support each other's learning and achievement.
  • Accountability: We have an obligation to do right by others and honor our commitments to each other and our community.
  • Compassion: We believe that caring for others and being good citizens is demonstrated by understanding people's experiences and responding with empathy as ambassadors of healthcare.
  • Respect: We treat others as we want to be treated, listen actively, value different points of view, and assume the best intentions in others.

  • Grade Range: 9 - 10
  • District: 19
  • Principal: Candace Hugee

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