Founded in 2014, The Urban Assembly Maker Academy believes the world needs problem solvers who can find and solve challenges to create positive change in a world where change is the only constant. We empower students not only to be successful, adaptive citizens of the future, but to create that future through design thinking and innovation. Our students are curious about the world around them and empathize with others to develop personalized solutions. Our students know that to innovate, they must take risks. They measure the impact of their actions. They overcome challenges with resilience.

Core Values:

  • Curiosity: Our school community constantly asks “why.” We are on the look out to improve our world. In order to always be forward thinking, we develop our curiosity, creativity, and confidence to push boundaries.
  • Empathy: We understand that we all bring unique and diverse experiences to our community. We work to ensure those experiences are heard and honored. We assume positive intentions of others as we work together to build our community.
  • Risk Taking: We know that to reach new levels of success and to develop new, creative ideas and solutions to problems, we must venture beyond what feels comfortable to us. When we take risks, we have the opportunity to revise and reflect on our actions and push ourselves to new levels of thinking.
  • Self-awareness: We measure the effectiveness of our actions. We know ourselves and use that knowledge to ask for support when we need it. We use our understanding of our strengths and weaknesses to create plans of action to achieve our goals.
  • Resilience: We learn from our challenges and mistakes, and use them to better position ourselves for success in the future.

  • Grade Range: 9 - 10
  • District: 2
  • Principal: Luke Bauer

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