School Overview:

Our mission at Urban Assembly Academy for Future Leaders (AFL) is to welcome learners who have broad intellectual interests. We encourage our scholars to develop their wide spectrum of knowledge. Rather than limiting students' adolescent curiosity by having them specialize in one academic area, AFL supports our scholars' intense desire to know and understand. At AFL, we foster an environment that promotes adolescent development and demands academic excellence. Though we are a very small school, we offer our students an abundance of professional opportunities and experiences. Our students travel and get real-life experience to support what they are learning in class. Students at AFL can take advantage of our top-ranked athletic program; science, technology and arts-based elective courses; and advisory program. We challenge, support, and expose our students to the ways in which highly successful people think, so that throughout their three years at AFL they may hone their skills and leave our doors ready to lead the world.

Academic Opportunities:

  • Accelerated Classes: Algebra and US History Regents taken by all 8th graders
  • Elective Classes: College 101, Computer Coding, Global Scholarship, LEGO Robotics, Media and Technology Studies, STEAM Education Electives, Wood Shop, Visual Arts
  • English Language Learning Programs: English as a New Language
  • Language Courses: Spanish
  • Literacy instruction (reading, writing and discussions) will be embedded throughout all the content areas to increase student achievement and student engagement.
  • Leadership Advisors meet with small student groups each day during the school day to provide academic and social-emotional mentorship, create student connectedness within the school, and support the development of our eight core values within our students. Leadership Advisors also meet with parents during our parent and teacher conferences. Our Leadership Program encompassing The Urban Assembly Advisory Model helps AFL students develop their social and emotional skills as well as build key relationships with teachers and other students. These AFL relationships further foster school wide and grade specific AFL events that engage parents and families to further nurture the whole child.


  • Advisory ; Cartooning and Fashion Design ; Chess ; Dance ; Drama ; Engineering and Business ; Fine Arts: Sketching ; Music Theory ; Performing Arts ; Photography ; Production ; Robotics ; Sculpting ; Step; Video Game Animation
  • Championship Sports – Co-Ed: Basketball League, Cross Country, Fitness Club

  • Grade Range: 6-8
  • District: 5
  • Principal: Joseph Gates

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