Founded in 2003, The Bronx Academy of Letters was founded on the concept that students who can express themselves clearly in writing will achieve more success on any path they choose. The Bronx Academy of Letters has an intense focus on developing strong communication skills across disciplines. In addition to its rigorous, college-preparatory academic program, The Bronx Academy of Letters is committed to promoting flexible, self-motivated learning outside of the classroom. Teachers facilitate a wide variety of extracurricular programs including student council, drama, art, dance, cooking, book club and athletics.

Core Values:

  • Inquiry: Be first to ask the next question and alway crave new experiences. Find the Buried Treasure!
  • Integrity: Be fair and honest with everyone - even when nobody is watching.
  • Expression: How do you want to share who you are and what you stand for?
  • Compassion: Turn to others and connect with their experience so that you can lift them up.
  • Vision: Determine your goals and know exactly how you will achieve them!
  • Tenacity: Stick to what is important no matter what comes your way - distractions or obstacles.

  • Grade Range: 6-12
  • District: Mott Haven (CD 1)
  • Principal: Brandon Cardet-Hernandez

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