Opened in September 2018, Comp Sci High's mission is to ensure every student graduates with a college acceptance letter, high-tech skills, real work experiences, and a plan to turn those opportunities into a successful career.


Comp Sci High's aspiration is to use the power of education, technology, and community to become an engine of opportunity and a force for economic freedom in the South Bronx.

Through partnership and ongoing collaboration with new technology-focused businesses and institutions, Comp Sci High strives to nurture and support a community of skilled, creative, confident tech professionals who come from the Bronx, live and work in the Bronx, and contribute to the Bronx community for years to come.


Our program will allow students to discover their dream career and then build the credentials, professional network, and soft skills to pursue that when they graduate. Our model focuses on the following:

  • Preparing for College and Career
    • Work experience and industry certifications
    • Personalized learning
  • Learning Computational Thinking
    • Problem solving skills
    • Computer Science
  • Teaching students to be makers
    • Performance based assessment
    • Hands on Learning
  • Connecting academics and social skills
    • Advisory program
    • Interdisciplinary curriculum