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NYC School Reformer Takes On Admissions Testing


Wall Street Journal

February 11, 2021
In 1993, the students at Washington Elementary School in Union, N.J., were asked the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” in a questionnaire for the school’s yearbook. David Adams —a Black fourth-grader who had been rejected that year by the school’s gifted and talented program—wrote “teacher” in the blank. “I wanted to be part of building up my community, and I saw education as a really important way to do that,” Mr. Adams said. The 36-year-old will get that chance on March 1, when he takes over as the CEO of the Urban As
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We Must End this Uncivil War: A Call to Reflect Upon the Promise of Education


Equity and Access Pre K - 12

February 10, 2021
The vitality of our democracy flows through our public school system. Thomas Jefferson knew this as he advocated for the establishment of a common education for all through his “Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge.” Thurgood Marshall knew this as he dissented against the Supreme Court’s unwillingness to desegregate that system, writing that, “Unless our children begin to learn together, there is little hope that our people will ever learn to live together.” And First Lady Jill Biden knows this, dedicating her life and labor to improving this system. These leaders recognized the foundational role that public education
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What January 6, 2021 Teaches Us: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Diversity are Needed in Schools



February 9, 2021
Wednesday, January 6, 2021 is a day that will live in infamy; the day in which insurrectionists attempted a coup at the US Capitol to stop a democratic and constitutional election. The events that transpired came as a surprise for many, but not for some — mainly, people of color- because many of us are regularly engaged in conversations about race, power, and privilege. As an educator, I believe we can start begin to address this by teaching the next generation the true value of citizenship and diversity, which can happen if we do the following: train teachers in Culturally Responsive Teaching
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Social-Emotional Learning: Putting Theory into Practice


ExpandED Schools

February 4, 2021
London, a bubbly 8th grader at the Urban Assembly Unison School in Brooklyn is an adept communicator. Thanks to her school's emphasis on social and emotional learning, London has developed the listening, learning, and responding tools that help her daily and will support her throughout her life. "When I get into altercations with my friends, I remember I have to let them speak because they have to communicate too," London recently told a Zoom room of educators from across the country who had gathered for ExpandED's annual SEL Convening. "SEL taught me that using my communications skills is important." The
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UA's David Adams named Champion of Equity


Equity & Access Pre K-12

February 3, 2021
David Adams was named a Champion of Equity this week in Equity & Access Pre K-12 from The American Consortium for Equity in Education. Dave was lauded for his work spearheaded SEL initiatives such as advisory systems, the UA Resilient Scholars Program, the use of DESSA for SEL competency assessment, and for his ability to build partnerships + systems that reduce disproportionality. Read the entire issue here - Dave is on page 23.
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