Dear Urban Assembly family and friends,

The horrors perpetrated by white supremacists in Charlottesville this weekend have shaken even the most hopeful of us to our core. It is against this backdrop that nearly 1,000 young, strong students of color will be stepping from Urban Assembly high schools onto college campuses this fall. They need our collective commitment to ensuring that they will be safe, that their voices will be heard, and that they will have the opportunity to thrive and lead. Our country needs their strength and leadership.

Our work as educators has enormous power to advance justice and equity. At the Urban Assembly, we reaffirm our commitment to creating and supporting communities at our 21 schools in which our young people are safe and encouraged to speak their truth.

In addition, to our alumni on college campuses around the country: we support you. Know that it was not always like this, and through the strength of our collective voices and actions, we can ensure that it will not always be like this. Do not let your voices be silenced by the actions of a despicable few. We share your anger, and we are with you as you make your way - and leave your mark - in an increasingly uncertain world. 

To leaders of all generations, let us be shaken into action. Join with us to push back this ugly tide.

In solidarity,
Kristin Kearns-Jordan, CEO
and the Urban Assembly staff