She's breaking ground on the water. Juana Garcia, the first female captain in New York Water Taxi’s 14-year history, started piloting ferries last week. “I always feel being a woman you’ve just got to prove that you can do whatever the guys can do,” said Garcia, 26.

Garcia worked her way up at New York Water Taxi, starting as a deck hand eight years ago, doing a stint in concessions and studying to get her captain’s license after-hours at a nautical school on Long Island. The Brooklyn mom of two is now one of 17 captains piloting routes along the East and Hudson rivers for the ferry company.

“Taxi, backing away from hull,” Garcia radioed Friday as she pulled her yellow-and-black vessel out of the dock at Fulton Ferry Landing in Brooklyn. It was her second day behind the wheel. “I feel very proud. I’ve never seen another female captain,” she said.

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