Integrating SEL and Instructional Practices (CTLE)


Identify how student social-emotional skills contribute to the effectiveness of the top 30 instructional strategies used in education and recognize how instructional strategies facilitate students’ social-emotional and academic development.

Interested participants are eligible for 2 hours of CTLE credit for attending this event.

Integrating social-emotional learning (SEL) into all academic settings in a school or district is a key way to ensure SEL skills deepen and cohere. Research shows that this integration also deepens understanding of core content as well.

SEL cannot live in a silo in your community, and in fact, is already a part of academics since so much of learning relies on effective problem-solving, collaboration and other SEL skills. We will build alignment between instructional strategies and SEL skills, and make this connection even more intentional. Staff and students will see the importance of SEL skills when the whole community demonstrates its significance and relevance by integrating it.