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Algebra Success Consultant

The Urban Assembly

Algebra Success Consultant - Job Description

Consultant Project: Algebra Success Consultant

Consultation Term: July 2021 - December 2021

About Algebra Success Program:

Initially piloted in 2017-18, the UA’s Algebra Success program was developed to address two key realities for UA students and schools: understanding of and facility with Algebra stands as a critical gateway to ongoing success and access to higher-level coursework (and, by extension, college and career opportunities); and the UA’s outcomes in math have historically lagged far behind those in ELA, both due to the complexity of the subject and insufficient targeted UA programming to address it.

Over the past two years, the Algebra Success program has produced dramatic increases in students’ college readiness in math (as displayed in the chart below) and better positioned students for success in school, post-secondary education, and professional endeavors.

The UA Algebra Success program was an instructional initiative launched in 2017 by Dr. Bisola Neil, former Math Program Manager. After working consistently with math teachers from the UA School for Law and Justice and the UA Bronx Academy of Letters, she noticed a shift in practice that resulted in higher math college readiness for students. Algebra Success became a network-wide initiative designed to increase curricular alignment, build teacher pedagogical practices, and optimize assessment practices, the goal of this program is to dramatically increase students’ ability to pass math Regents exams at or above the college-ready threshold, thereby decreasing the need for college remediation.

The UA’s Algebra Success program maximizes post-secondary opportunities for all students by explicitly addressing under-preparedness in Algebra, which for too many students has become a hindrance that prevents them from achieving advanced mathematical competence. This begins with actively engaging in an inquiry-based curriculum focused on conceptually understanding the overarching concepts in Algebra for a two-semester course in the 9th grade. This curriculum explicitly addresses varying disportionalities in mathematics classrooms by centering students' identity and sense of belonging to enhance their experiences with such a curriculum. It supports leaders and teachers in pushing their practice in ways that deepen their pedagogy, content knowledge and beliefs about the teaching and learning of mathematics.

This approach mirrors the stance of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in creating, supporting, and sustaining a culture of access and equity in the teaching and learning of mathematics by ensuring that:

  • All students have access to a challenging mathematics curriculum, taught by skilled and effective teachers who differentiate instruction as needed
  • Student progress is monitored and needed accommodations are made
  • Remediation and additional challenges are offered when appropriate

Algebra Success assists schools in:

  • Redefining expectations for instruction, measurement, and outcomes in the Algebra 1 classroom so that all students have access to the highest level of math possible by the end of high school
  • Increasing 9th grade Algebra 1 course pass rate, reducing credit gaps toward graduation
  • Increasing 9th grade Algebra Regents seat rate
  • Increasing 9th grade Algebra Regents college-ready pass rates

Scope of Work:

The Algebra Success consultant will work closely with the Program Manager to write and refine curriculum and create professional development sessions. That consultant will primarily focus on supporting the development of middle schools in the program.

First, this consultant will work on making revisions to the assessment and curriculum tools, and tailor them for a middle school experience. Second, this consultant will work alongside the Program Manager in planning for the execution for the high quality planning PLCs of the implementation of Algebra Success curriculum. Finally, the consultant will be focused on adding integrated, real-world performance based tasks to both middle and high school curriculum in alignment with the UA model.

Scope of Work:

The Algebra Success consultant will:

  • Create an audit or process for middle school principals and teachers to use, in order to ensure appropriate math standards are taught in prior years so that all 8th graders can take Algebra.
  • Assess curriculum and provide recommendations to accommodate for integration of 8th grade standards and pacing shifts.
  • Revise curriculum, after approval of recommendations, to meet the needs of 8th graders.
  • Further revise the current Algebra Success curriculum in a 2nd round, in order to provide additional guidance for teachers to implement the curriculum with fidelity.
  • Review both middle and high school curriculums, and add or deepen integrated performance tasks in alignment with the UA model.
  • Plan and implement curriculum planning Professional Learning Communities, in close collaboration with the Program Manager.


  • Create an audit for schools to use to determine how to teach the prerequisite standards for Algebra 1
  • Algebra Success revised “8th grade only” Unit Plans that incorporate 8th grade standards into the current Algebra curriculum, with completion of robust performance tasks and capstone projects.
  • Integration of 3-5 key performance tasks into AS HS and MS Curriculum
  • Professional Learning Community Planning Meeting Outlines for 8th grade teachers planning lessons for upcoming


  • Consultant is expected to complete ~20 days of work, compensated at a daily rate to be negotiated, to be distributed over ~12 - 24 weeks with the possibility of a contract extension for continued work
  • Target start date: July 25th
  • To inquire about the position, please email with ‘Algebra Success Consultant’ in the subject line.

Math Program Manager

The Urban Assembly

The Urban Assembly

The Urban Assembly (UA) is a non-profit provider of school support solutions that boost school and student performance. Under the mission of advancing students’ social and economic mobility by improving public education, the UA provides schools and districts with innovative data-driven, student-centered approaches to academics, social-emotional learning, and postsecondary readiness. The (UA) founded a network of unique, small public secondary schools throughout NYC. UA schools are open to all students, and our goal is to prepare 100% of UA graduates for success in the 21st century economy.

The UA’s Commitment to Equity

The UA values the uniqueness that each student brings into our schools, and our work honors the various social and cultural contexts from which they come. We acknowledge the historical barriers created by education systems to perpetuate the social inequities that keep students of color from accessing postsecondary and career opportunities - and commit to dismantling these barriers.

Role Description:

This role calls for a person deeply committed to UA’s mission and commitment to equity. The Math Program Manager will lead the deployment of our highly successful Algebra Success program, which includes refining and maintaining the programmatic resources (curriculum, tools, etc.), coaching, and leading professional learning. In addition, they will lead a broader expansion of the program, both outside of our network of schools and in expanding the middle school Algebra pilot which took place in the 2019-2020 school year. The ideal candidate has strong project management skills, is an excellent coach, and is relentless in improving student outcomes through data-driven analysis. This role calls for an agile contributor, who can split their time coaching at school sites, leading professional development (virtually and in person), and collaborating with teammates at our central office in downtown Manhattan and remotely.


  • Refine and iterate on our Algebra Success programming to support achievement in our portfolio of high schools
  • Adapt and codify Algebra Success programming for clients outside of our NYC network of schools
  • Adapt and codify the middle school model for Algebra Success
  • Establish and maintain relationships across a portfolio of 8-12 schools to coach in the Algebra Success model
  • Maintain excellent records on coaching and follow up with schools in a timely fashion
  • Lead the revision and refinement of the curriculum in high school Algebra content
  • Collect and analyze data to determine the impact of coaching and professional learning
  • Lead the implementation of network-wide benchmark assessments for Algebra and analyze the results to inform classroom practice
  • Lead monthly virtual professional development sessions
  • Manage projects and responsibilities across multiple initiatives with independence
  • Monitor the impact of work through network metrics and adjust programmatic inputs based on data and feedback
  • Collaborate with Academics team in developing and implementing cross-functional professional development opportunities
  • Collaborate with the UA team to ensure alignment with organizational goals, and manage program specific assessments for participating schools


  • 5+ years of coaching experience, and/or equivalent adult development work
  • Content and pedagogy expertise in middle and high school mathematics
  • Strong fluency with using data to support decision making
  • Commitment to The Urban Assembly mission and vision
  • Track record of improving outcomes for students
  • Fluency in collaborative systems and team orientation
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Familiarity with a large urban school system preferred

Unfortunately, due to a non-compete clause, we are unable to hire staff directly out of DOE schools or central offices, but former DOE staff (out of the system for more than 1 year) are encouraged to apply.

Salary is commensurate with experience and includes an excellent benefits package, including: employer-funded healthcare, a monthly metrocard, phone stipend, financial support for professional development, and generous vacation time. Interested and qualified applicants, please email a resume and cover letter to

Our target start date is September 7, 2021

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