The Urban Assembly is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering underserved students by providing them with the academic and life skills necessary for college and career success. We create district public schools that are open to all students, scale up promising programs, and coordinate with hundreds of partner organizations in the private, public, non- profit and higher education sectors. During the 2014-15 school year, we are serving nearly 9,000 students in 23 schools from under-resourced neighborhoods across The Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

By every measure, our students are among the city's most underserved. Across The Urban Assembly network:

  • 85% of our students and their families are living near or at the poverty

  • 90% of our students are either Black or Latino

  • 21% of our students have Special Needs

  • 75% enter our schools below academic grade level

Graduation Rates That Close "The Achievement Gap"
Despite the many odds our students face, the UA school network has achieved a consistent 75% high school graduation rate. This is over 10% above the city average, and nearly 20% above the city average for Black & Latino students. The UA's graduation rate has closed the often referenced "Achievement Gap" that exists between White students and Black & Latino students in New York City.

College Access & Success
Our students are also achieving success beyond high school graduation. 89% of UA alumni have enrolled in college, and 76% of them are still enrolled or have attained their degree. As much as 45% of low-income high school graduates across the country who are accepted to college do not enroll. Our Bridge to College summer program has boosted college matriculation rates within our network by nearly 10%, and the model is being shared across the city, reaching over 70 schools and thousands of students in the graduating class of 2014.

Career Access & Success
We understand that our students need more than college preparation. They also need career preparation. We are a leader in Career & Technical Education, with seven current CTE schools. By 2018, through the support of cross-sector industry partners and employers, the UA will be training at least 2,800 students annually to succeed in 21st Century career pathways.